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Am I crazy? I feel crazy. With Shay the therapy dog, Nico the cat and George the sometime resident and very busy granddog, we are bordering on zoo status in the Piazza household. Make way for Angus (or maybe just Gus...we need a personality check)


You may be wondering how this happened. Those of you who have gotten to know me through Calm&Blue and the world of therapy dogs know my dog Shay. She is my teammate and we have loved visiting high schools, hospitals and nursing homes. This year I made the difficult decision to retire Shay from therapy dog work. She is almost 12 and slowing down so it was the right thing to do. Shay is now enjoying the quiet days of retirement. For now.


So I want to say that I found myself with time on my hands, but that's not quite true. Thanks to you, my business is growing and there may even be an exciting partnership coming that will boost us even more. Stay tuned for that. I also spend time with my mom, who thinks I'm taking care of her, but it is still pretty much the other way around. She calls me the "I can do it" girl.


In any case, there's no time like the present, and Angus/Gus will find himself in a full and welcoming family of dogs, cat, and humans. We are beside ourselves with excitement and anticipation of that new puppy smell. Adoption day is April 11. Please join us!


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