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The Bluetooth Connection

Before Gus came home, I stumbled upon a Netflix show called "Muster Dogs." It featured a competition among five livestock farmers tasked with training puppies from the same litter. The goal? To showcase their skills as mustering teams after a year of training. In the show's first episode, as the puppies found their new homes, I encountered a term that stuck with me: the Bluetooth connection. Like the wireless link between devices, it symbolizes the seamless bond between a puppy and their human. Taking diligent notes, I realized its paramount importance during those initial weeks. This connection isn't just about training; it's the bedrock of trust, communication, and lifelong companionship. It's nurtured through play, training sessions, and leisurely strolls around the yard. It requires patience, understanding, consistency, and clear expectations.


Gus and I have been inseparable since his arrival. Our training sessions are brief but fun, and we dig each other's company. Whether we're visiting grandma's house, retreating to the cabin, or embarking on car rides, Gus is my constant companion, provided it's safe for him given his age and vaccination status. Sometimes, we simply lock eyes, and his unwavering gaze speaks volumes. As my fifth lab, I'm elated by his natural affinity for eye contact, a trait that'll undoubtedly aid us in future training endeavors. But don't get me wrong, sometimes we both need a break and that's where kennel training has become invaluable too. 


Encountering "Muster Dogs" and embracing the Bluetooth connection approach has revolutionized my perception of puppy raising. I used to think puppy raising involved being the "Alpha" taskmaster, but now I'm becoming a trusted partner, and for that, I'm endlessly grateful.


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